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What We Do in the Shadows - "Trivia Night"

This What We Do in the Shadows spec script brings back the wonderful Mark Hamill and his character, Jim the Vampire. The entire crew of vampires, plus Guillermo, run into Jim the Vampire in a very unlikely way!

Logline: Nandor, Laszlo, Nadja, Colin Robinson, and Guillermo attend a trivia night at the local bar. In an attempt to prove himself, Laszlo is determined to win the cash prize, and Nandor and Guillermo run into some major problems with their relationship.


Tri-via night here we come!"

Colin Robinson convinces everyone to go to trivia night with him at a local bar called the "Borough Hole." The group runs into their next door neighbors Sean, Charmaine, and their friend, Wendy. In an attempt add some friendly competition, as well as split up Guillermo and Nandor due to their bickering, the group splits up into two separate tables.

Needless to say, things don't go according to plan as Nandor and Guillermo begin a petty fight over the bartender, the trivia host turns out to be Jim the Vampire in disguise, and Colin Robinson gets a taste of his own medicine in the gossip drain of the century.

Snippet from the script:

Trivia Night Teaser
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