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The Matribark - "A Funeral of Foes"

The Matribark is a dramedy filled with shocking surprises, family conflict, and difficult decisions. This pilot is jam packed with hilariously awkward situations and one liners that pack a punch.

Logline: After the matriarch of the Fletcher family dies, the broken and separated family is forced to come together for the funeral, and everything written in the will goes to a very surprising family member.

Burton Agnes Hall & Gardens -


Oh please. That introduction was as fake as those Louboutin shoes she's wearing."

Eden and her partner, Bailey ( non-binary ), attend the funeral of Eden's grandmother, Gwendolyn. She has not seen her family since she left almost ten years ago. Despite her anxieties, Bailey stays by her side and promises to support her through the entire situation.

The contents of the will are finally read, and it is revealed that Gwendolyn willed everything to her youngest dog, Winston. Along with this information, there are lots of stipulations and challenges that come with it, forcing the family to stay together for much longer than expected.

Snippet from the script:

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