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Hit Take

Hit Take is a feature film filled with unexpected twists and turns, complicated relationships, and lies.

Logline: After two men hit a girl with their car, the three are launched into a whirlwind night of excitement and danger.


Are you absolutely insane?! We can’t just kidnap her and drop her off on the curb at the hospital. That’s almost worse than a hit and run! It’s like a... hit and take!"

Miles and Atticus are two roommates who work at the same law office.

After learning that the entire office, including his roommate Miles, grabs drinks after work on Fridays, Atticus is determined to get invited so that he can impress his office crush.

Things go sideways when they hit a girl, Jo, on the way to have drinks.

Little did they know, the girl was in more trouble than they could ever imagine.

The pair get wrapped up in a complicated story revolving around a drug cartel that Jo works for.

Snippet from the script:

Hit Take Teaser
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