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The Office - Reenactment Village

As a practice in spec work, I have written a cold opening for "The Office."

"The Office" is a hit comedy from 2005 that is known for its lovable characters, iconic cold openings and tags, and their classically weird and hilarious situations due to their boss Michael.

Reenactment village: Eckley Miner's Village located in Weatherly, PA


“So, Michael was sent on a business trip this Friday to Philadelphia...”

In this cold opening, Pam Beesly explains that Michael Scott, her boss, took a trip to Philadelphia on Friday and got off the train at the wrong stop. Through a series of phone calls she realizes that he ended up in a reenactment village an hour outside of Scranton, PA ( where the show is based ), and is convinced that he time traveled on the train.

Snippet from the sketch:

The Office Cold Opening
Download PDF • 34KB



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