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Stranger Things - The Ride

Although I know the E.T. Adventure ride at Universal Studios Orlando is Steven Spielberg's favorite, I decided to revamp the ride into a Stranger Things season one thriller.

E.T. is one of my favorite movies and rides at Universal, but for our younger audiences, the movie is becoming less and less known as the years go on, sadly. Revamping the ride could be just the thing Universal Studios Orlando needs!

Stranger Things is a Netflix original tv show that took the internet by storm upon its release in July of 2016. A boy named Will Byers suddenly goes missing one night. The entire town, including his three best friends, are searching for him.

This dark ride will be overlaid over the pre existing E.T. ride to keep it as preserved as possible, but keep it up to date for younger audiences who enjoy the popular show. We will travel from scene to scene through episodes in the first season of the show and receive an easily comprehensible overview of the main storyline.

Seeing as horror is a very popular genre, and Universal is famous for its Halloween Horror nights, redesigning Woody Woodpecker's Kid Zone into a horror and sci fi themed land could bring a massive popularity and intrigue to this side of the park again after Diagon Alley stole the show in July of 2014.



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