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La Casita - An Encanto Ride

With the new trackless ride system of Ratatouille, I have redesigned the ride and relocated it to a different and new country within Epcot.

It is no secret that Disney's Encanto, released in November of 2021, is beloved by all and has brought people insurmountable joy due to the music, colors, and most importantly, the representation within the film.

Like many, I wish we could explore all of the rooms in Casita, and that is exactly what I sought out to do in this ride!

This ride will take you through several rooms owned by the magical members of the Madrigal family. On a wild chase to find Antonio in a game of hide and go seek, we will follow Mirabel as she goes from room to room inquiring with the occupants if they have seen Antonio.

With massive screens and developed computer technology, we will bring the world of Encanto to life right before you eyes.

I think it's time to bring a 12th country to the fantastic land of Epcot in Walt Disney World, Orlando.

The addition of South America brings more representation and opportunities to the park. The space between Mexico and Norway is a prefect place to nestle the Columbian town surrounding the Madrigal's home and Casita is a perfect "weenie" for anyone seeking to explore the new land.



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