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Incredibile Test Track

Test Track is one of the coolest rides at Disney World's park, Epcot. After the redesign of Maelstrom, now the Frozen ride in Epcot's Norway, I decided it might be a fun idea to vamp up Test Track and give it a new look!

In order to preserve the ride as much as possible like they did with Maelstrom, I have decided to overlay an Incredibles theme onto Test Track.

This ride will take you through Edna Mode's house where you will see iconic scenes and sets from the movies while testing out your own incredibile!

One of Test Track's most popular features is designing your own car. I have pulled out four different "Incredibiles" from the movies that guests can choose from.

From there, you will put your own spin on them just as you do in the Test Track ride now. Guests can add different tires, designs, engines, etc.

The ride and set is designed to make you feel as if you are Edna's size.

Mr. Incredible is very tall and built man. Her house makes even him look small! Imagine how it would look from Edna's perspective.

It would definitely add a different, fun, and dynamic approach to this ride and will immerse guests within the experience.



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